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What You'll Learn in 
"Dragonfly Art Workshop"

5 life skills your child will learn at Dragonfly Art Cottage

  • 1) Social Skills: By sharing materials and collaborating on creative projects, your child learn to take it in turns, negotiate and work as a team.
  • 2) Cognitive development: From early sensory exploration (the feel of a crayon across paper, the smell of paint) and decision making (what to portray, what materials to use) to problem solving (how to get two materials to stick together),  your child learn to think for themselves.
  • 3) Self-expression: Art is a valuable form of language. A pre-cursor to written and verbal communication, it enables your child to learn to tell stories as well as expressing what they are thinking and feeling.
  • 4) Motor development: The small movements of the fingers, hands and wrists associated with holding a crayon or paintbrush, drawing, painting or manipulating clay develops the fine motor skills of young children while the large arm movements required for painting at an easel or on a large piece of paper on the floor develops large muscle groups.
  • 5) Inventiveness: When children are encouraged to experiment and take risks by trying new things during the creative process they develop a sense of innovation – a valuable skill in business and in life.

What is Dragonfly Art Cottage

Dragonfly Art Cottage is an art institution where the process of art making is used as a springboard for learning across all subject areas.

As students are guided to explore and express themselves through a range of ART media such as drawing, paintings (acrylic, water colour, colour pencils, Ink, pastel) mixed media, clay, craft, recyclable materials and etc.

They are not only developing their art skills but also their ability to think and learn across all subjects.

Normal "Dragonfly Art Workshop" will Cost You RM170 /per session

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What Our Students Say...

Penny Lim

I am a categorized as a slow learner due to learning difficulties and poor oral motor skills.

Also I am an epileptic patient. Teacher Joy has taught me many drawing skills and introduced to me many methods of producing an art. With her guidance I have drawn many unique and lovely drawings on canvas

I am indeed proud of my achievement and now I have also gained the confidence to exhibit some of my work for the first time in a local show and United States of America.

Joy, as her name suggest, is a joy to work with. She is dedicated and hardworking yet very humorous. She is my mentor in my journey through this field of art. I will always treasure her teachings. Without her I will never be able to achieve what I have done today.


My daughter, Marjona has been attending Teacher Joy’s classes when she was 6 years old. Teacher Joy excelled and shared her love for Art with my daughter in a manner that I have never seen before. 

My daughter always looks forward and feels excited to enter the Art room to experience what Teacher Joy is going to introduce in each and every single lesson. Marjona loves to do all the art projects together with Teacher Joy as she knew Teacher Joy will encourage her to work on her ideas and will be given proper guidance.

Teacher Joy has a gift working with all levels of students. I was impressed with her ability and compassion to help the challenged students and adapt lessons to meet their needs. Her intuitive and kind personality guides students to express and think critically in the Art room.


Dragonfly Art Cottage; a place with a truly inspiring environment while interconnected to nature. One that thinks of sustainability by providing zero waste. Age-old artifacts get a second life and become appreciated again, instead of letting all left in the landfill to decomposed.

Joy Chong-whose passion and integrity to art is significantly enthusiastic. For a person who’s colour blind like me, having her as my mentor has aided me through my whole art journey.

The best memories I have with her is when I see miss Joy holding the camera to capture the moment. She helps students achieve their masterpieces to build their future portfolio.


My children have been going to Teacher Joy since they were young, ie. My daughter when she was 7 and my son at the age of 5. Both are in their teens now.

I must commend Teacher Joy’s dedication and knowledge in art. She has fostered the love in art in my daughter, Isabelle, since that first few lessons and has diligently guided and nurtured Isabelle’s passion in art throughout the years.

My daughter took IGCSE Art and excelled with as A star for the subject and she also took Higher Level Art and Design in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which she recently graduated and awaiting her results. Teacher Joy has constantly availed herself whenever Isabelle needs some guidance, even on very personal and last minute requests. She has tutored Isabelle in her portfolio and art exhibition pieces.

I cannot recommend enough the service of Teacher Joy. Her knowledge, passion and dedication that Teacher Joy exhibits for her students makes her such an endearing mentor. She is extremely patient and she allows her students to express themselves in their arts, which makes everyone an individual. Her role is merely guiding them and sharing knowledge and providing the right technique applications to her students.

Your Art Instructor - Joy Chong

  • Founder & Principle of Dragonfly Art Cottage
  • Facilitator of "Learning & Thinking Through ART
  • Have over 20 Years of Experience in Art Industry
  • Started Art Training Since Year 2000
  • Previous Profession as Design & Creative Art Director 

Student's Learning in Action

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This Programme is Suitable For:

  • Children ages 4 to 20 years old
  • Special Need Children
  •  Adults (21 years and above)
  • Aspiring Artist 



Founder/Art Instructor: Joy Chong

Normal "Dragonfly Art Workshop" will Cost You
RM 170 /Per Session (2 hours)

Now, We Are Offering 1 TRIAL Session for RM90.00/ Per Child
(Limited Time Only)

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